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Briefly about Good Shepherd Foundation (GSF). 

The Good Shepherd Foundation (GSF) is an indigenous Non – Governmental Organization (NGO), of vulnerable and marginalized Women, Teenagers and Children. GSF brings together the women, Teenagers and children whose fundamental rights are violated; that is physically, health wise, economically, socially and psychologically to mention but a few. GSF was formed in 2014 and later registered as an Indigenous NGO on 1st/ August/ 2016.

GSF exists to create an equalized and unified ground for Women, Teenagers and Children in terms of opportunity involvement and participation in development initiatives through its interventions of ending cultures of violence; strengthening Community accountability and eliminating impunity of sexual violence in justice processes; empowering and supporting women’s groups in their programs, advocating and reaching out on preventing violence against women, Teenagers and children; enhancing empowerment among women and teenagers through Good Agricultural Practices, experiences and knowledge on production and productivity enhancement, post-harvest handling and agro processing technologies; initiating finance enforcement mechanisms and credit facilities to support women led small scale businesses, practical skills development, primary health strengthening through integrated preventive approach, Scholarships /bursaries to children and education savings and credit programs, “at- Home start-up challenge” developed to spark creativity, innovative thinking and entrepreneurship, this program gives every teenager a chance to build a small business from the ground up, tapping into their incredible potential. GSF advances equality among women, teenagers and children to improve their health, economic, social and psychological rights, through community-based approaches and adaptations. GSF is dedicated to finding lasting solutions to girl child education, health and reproductive rights and other social related problems that affect them in families. GSF operates in Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), Kassanda and Wakiso Districts Local Governments. However its operations are not restricted in the 3 Districts only; it aims at widening its scope of work to other Districts following the successful establishment of its base operations.

 Our Vision.
A society where Women, Teenagers and Children live to their full Potential, Rights and Aspirations.

The four pillars supporting this vision are:
- Community participation.
- Gender equity.
- Sustainability.
- Capacity building and empowerment.

Enhance and Empower Women, Teenagers and Children by improving their quality of life through Agricultural and Animal livelihood with a SMART Climate Change Adaptation modal, Economic Empowerment and Sustainable Livelihoods, Health Care Services, Violence Against Children Prevention through Education and Social Enterprise programs.

Our Leadership Team

Thanks to our founder Mary Asiimwe who continues to be a pillar for the Foundation.

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