Improving Postharvest Handling and Storage System
City Star Building Plot 3, 8th Street, Kampala
Mon-Fri: 8am to 5pm Closed on weekends
Much of the Theme 2 postharvest handling work is directed toward strengthening the completeness of commercially-oriented smallholder farmers engaged in Theme 1 (crop productivity enhancement) activities. Theme 2 staff help farmers to improve the efficiency postharvest handling to improve the quality of grains, and other produce, which include among others, minimum breakage, free of impurities, and un-infested.

Extension training programs sensitize farmers to market requirements for quality grain. Theme 2 seeks to introduce improved technology (largely mechanized) for threshing/shelling, drying and milling. Reducing postharvest storage losses is a priority for all participating smallholder farmers, whether they are food-insecure or more commercially oriented.