Linking farmer to agricultural credit
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GSF sub-counties offices offer some loans to smallholder farmers. Typically, the loans are for production input for 0.5 to 1 hectare. Some of the participating farmers in the GSF crop demonstration programs are often among those selected to receive such loans. But the number of loan recipients is limited in such government programs. Banks shy away from making such loans, since farmers lack collateral and rain farming is inherently risky. In general, most smallholder farmers are forced to self-finance the inputs they need.

As part of such an effort, the GSF works closely with farmer-based organizations (FBOs) to build their capacity to engage in business with those stakeholders. Training includes business planning, organizational management, marketing and quality assurance. All these activities promote businesses development in agriculture.
Our agriculture projects will contribute to achieving the SDGs through inclusive value chains, sustainable nutrition for all, and climate and business. We use our benefits approach to close the gender gap. This approach addresses the root causes of unequal development, such as inequitable norms, and unequal access to resources and market opportunities.