Economic Empowerment and Sustainable Livelihoods
City Star Building Plot 3, 8th Street, Kampala
Mon-Fri: 8am to 5pm Closed on weekends

Access to savings, credit schemes, and markets are vital to the Women communities achieving sustainable livelihoods. Income generating activities and credit schemes for women’s groups are a particular priority for the GSF because our experience has proven that the success of women is a multiplier effect for prosperous families, communities and the excellence of children.

GSF focuses on formal and informal life skills development and training to help women and teenagers find lasting and valuable work. In promoting equal access to economic opportunities, we strive to overcome barriers faced by women and teenagers because they are marginalized or discriminated against because of age or gender.

At the national level, we advocate on behalf of the poor women and teenagers for improved policies and frameworks on issues of human rights. Women Income increased, increased women levels of savings at household, engagement in new IGA and food production activities, invest in self-development and business activity (VSLA), train them in business management, bookkeeping and saving accounts. increase literacy and leadership skills of women, Women trained in labor saving methods (Cross-cutting approach), tree planting, Homestead gardening, People recovering from conflict especially women will have improved and sustained their economic livelihoods.