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Developing sustainable agricultural production is at the heart of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Poverty, hunger, malnutrition and climate change are complex challenges that require a paradigm shift in agriculture. Value chains and food systems need to become more inclusive, efficient and diverse, as well as nutrition-sensitive and climate smart, to ensure that people have access to food at affordable prices and opportunities to shift to healthier diets.

Theme 1: Crop Productivity Enhancement through precision farming techniques.
The theme promotes productivity-enhancing technologies including fertilizer, improved varieties, climate smart production technologies and other good agricultural practices.

Theme 2: Post harvest & Agroprocessing.
The theme promotes value-adding technologies in the areas of post-harvest handling, storages and Agro – processing.

Theme 3: Public-Private Partnership & Market Access.
The theme supports improved access for input (improved seeds and fertilizer) and creating linkages for output market for farming communities.